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Summer Enrichment Programs - Click here for the PowerPoint presentation put together by Charlean for the November PTSA meeting.

Financial Aid - Click here for the presentation by the University of Maryland Financial Aid department at the February 2017 PTSA meeting. Other handouts: handout1, handout2

Free online SAT/ACT prep -

By visiting Kaplan's free online practice resource hub, students can take a free pop quiz, 20-minute workout, and a full proctored practice test to help prepare for upcoming SAT or ACT exams. Students can sign up and take all three if they’d like, and each test or quiz a student signs up for will help the organization donate Kaplan Test Prep scholarships to students in need.

Local teen drug and alcohol rehab center locator: Local Rehab Locator for Teens is a free community-based public-benefit website connecting people to the addiction resources they need.