Grants of up to $300 are awarded by the PTSA twice a year for projects requested by school staff and student groups.

**Applications for the Fall 2022 grant cycle are due by 5pm on October 14th.**

Click here for the application form and more information.

Please note that some requests for funds will be filled by ongoing fundraising activities. Your participation in PTSA activities will be helpful to make sure your needs are met. Please submit separate grant applications for multiple requests.

Grants awarded in 2021:

  • National English Honor Society: Pay for dues to create equal opportunities for students of all backgrounds to join. New member fee: $15 for new members and $5 for those on FARMS. Currently 30 active members. Sponsor: Abigail Holtz

  • Raider Review Newspaper: 1000 copies of a six page spread newspaper with student written stories to be distributed to students and the community. Additional funding will be raised through Ad sales. Sponsor: Heather Seyler

  • Chemistry Classes: Purchase Flinn Scientific lab kits and Flinn 360 Science. The lab kits contain traditional and non-traditional items to use in scientific experiments, allowing Chemistry students to conduct real experiments with safe and appropriately scaled equipment. The Flinn 360 Science provides support needed to make real-world connections to key scientific principles and help make those abstract concepts concrete. Sponsor: Ronald Ramos

  • Debate Team: Pay $200 dues to WACFL for membership. This membership will guarantee unlimited entries to any debate or speech events that WACFL hosts at no additional cost to our members. In addition, NSDA registration costs $25 per student. Sponsor: Michael Shader

  • ERHS VEX Robotics Team: Funding for competition fees for five squads. This funding will support three squads for a particular tournament that we could not otherwise afford to attend. Sponsor: Karen Bogoski

  • PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is a framework that teaches behavioral expectations and rewards students and staff. This is a mandated program from PGCPS. Funding to purchase gift cards from local businesses and vendors to reward students and staff. Sponsor: Cazie Todd

External Grants:

The PTSA applied for 3 ACE grants in November, 2020:

Destination Imagination

Science Olympiad

Esports League

Grants awarded fall 2019

Grants awarded for: Butterfly Garden, ERHS Bring Change to Roose Club, Garden Club, Ms Short & Ms Yearwood National council of Teachers Convention

Grants awarded fall 2017

6 grants awarded - for English books, art drying racks, drama festival, college summit, career day, frames for artwork

Grants awarded spring 2017

Social Studies books, National Geographic series called Brain Games for psychology classes, host sightseeing trip to Washington D.C. for Japanese exchange students, an illustrated lexicon for Latin classes, materials to help with SADD Shines Day, including sharpies, ribbons and post its.

Grants awarded fall 2016

Diverse Voices in Literature books, ROTC flight simulator, College Summit, Career Day food

Grants awarded fall 2015

Technology Education Dept. $300.00 for Finch robots

National Society of Black Engineers $300.00 to offset cost of NSBE convention.

Chemistry Department for $271.51 for magnetic boards for AP chemistry and honors.

Afro Sync Dance $125.00 to help with cost of dance uniforms.

Grants awarded in spring 2014

Pop-up tent for girls' rugby team - Ms Beers

Oboe repair - Ms Wagner

Buzzer system for It's Academic Team - Mr Miller

Music Theory Program for the guitar/piano classes - Mr Hawk

Parts, tools and equipment for the robotics club (see photo) - Ms Moore

Books to help teach algebra-based AP Physics - Yau-Jong Twu